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Events Calendar > SPF5 and The WERK Collective present WERK IT OUT!

SPF5 and The WERK Collective present WERK IT OUT!
July 19 - 22
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SPF5 and The WERK Collective present
Program 1 - Thurs, July 19, 8pm; Sun, July 22, 8pm
Program 2 - Fri, July 20, 8pm; Sat, July 21, 3pm
Program 3 - Sat, July 21, 8pm; Sun, July 22, 3pm
General Admission - $25, Festival Pass $50 - $60
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A look at the next wave of choreographers emigrating from the fringes to the forefront of Bay Area Dance culture. Featuring Alyce Finwall, Minna Harri, Tanya Bello, Christine Bonansea, Michelle Fletcher and Malinda LaVelle. Presented by the Garage's SPF5 and WERK Collective.
Direction and Choreography: Alyce Finwall
Dancers: Julia Hollas and Vivian Aragon
Alyce Finwall Dance Theater presents Angel, a tour de force performance piece for two dancers.  Influenced by the work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper and Virginia Woolf’s A Room of Her Own, Angel delves into the surreal and unnerving realm of sexuality and aggressions that pits the audience's glare against the demanding physicality and exposure of the performance.  Angel is a tightly constructed dance piece that inhabits a quiet, dark and mysterious room.  Music by Biosphere, Carson Whitley, The Beach Boys and Joy Division.
Soly y Sombra
Direction and Choreography: Tanya Bello
Dancers: Tristan Ching, Kelly Del Rosario, Norma Fong, Chin-chin Hsu, and Catherine Wells
Tanya Bello will premiere Sol y Sombra, a series of vignettes on the nature of reality, in both its harsh and beautiful extremes.

No Exit
Direction and Choreography: Christine Bonansea
Dancers: Marina Fukushima, Sebastian Grubb, Rosemary Hannon
Christine Bonansea will reprise her 2011 work No ExitNo Exit takes inspiration from Sartre’s play of the same name, offering a visually thrilling study of a triangular relationship marked by unrequited desire, cruelty, and suffering.
Direction and Choreography: Minna Harri
Dancer: Minna Harri
Minna Harri will perform a one-woman piece titled Dead/Alive.  As much about death and dying as it is a celebration of life and community, Dead/Alive breaks the mold of traditional dance performance, opening a dialogue with the audience and inviting audience members on stage.

BURSTNOW – A Valediction to Your Rampart
Direction and Choreography: Michelle Fletcher
Dancers: Michelle Kinny, Angela Mazziotta, Sarah Gould, Sarah Pomarico, Caitlin Hafer, SummerBowie
Michelle Fletcher and Here/Now Dance Collective will present BURSTNOW - A Valediction to your Rampart, a work about the invisible walls we erect and the possibility of dismantling them for a more vulnerable and honest connection with others.

Direction and Choreography: Malinda LaVelle
Dancers: Emmaly Wiederholt, Joy Prendergast, Julia Hollas, Madelyn Biven and Angela Mazziotta
Malinda LaVelle and her company Project Thrust will present a work titled Urge, a dance for six women about the negative effect men have on intra-female relationships.  The extreme psychological states of desire and lust are revealed using food as an associative metaphor.

General Admission $25 - Buy Single Tickets Online
Festival Pass (three shows) $60 - Buy Online
Discounted Festival Pass (Thu, 8pm; Sat & Sun, 3pm) $50 - Buy Online
Call 415-863-9834
Box Office:  Wed-Fri 12-6pm


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