To contact a staff member, please use the contact form or call 415/863.6606. 

Executive Staff |
Brenda Way, Artistic Director & Founder, she/her
Carma Zisman, Executive Director, she/her/hers

Administrative |
Garth Grimball, Executive Associate, he/him/his

Company |
Brenda Way, Artistic Director & Founder, she/her
Joseph Copley, Associate Director of Artistic Planning

Company Consultants/Contractors/Guest Artists:
KT Nelson, ODC Fellow

Development |
Emily Lieu-Harris, Director of Development, she/her
Zackary Forcum, Director of Institutional Giving, he/him, they/them
Andrea Partridge, Individual Giving Manager and Board Liaison, she/her

Digital Programs | 
Kellee McQuinn, Director of Digital Programs
Natalia Roberts, Resident Filmmaker, she/her
Greg Meyers, Digital Programs Coordinator, he/him
Matt Shrimplin, Digital Content Producer

Facilities |
Jason Dinneen, Facilities Director, he/him
Jason Vanderford, Facilities Associate

Finance, Operations & Human Relations |
Carlos R. Lopez, Director of Finance & Administration, he/him
Zarina N. Posada, Finance & Administration Associate, she/her
Alex Zdanis, Development and Finance Coordinator, she/her/hers

Operations, Client Relations & Front Desk |
Dennis Lickteig, Operations Manager, he/him/his
Charlie Levy, Audience Services Coordinator, they/he
Monica Ascencio, Operations Associate

Marketing & Communications |
Ann von Germeten, Interim Director of Marketing and Communications, she/her
Sophie Leininger, Marketing Content Producer, she/her

Marketing & Communications contractors/consultants:
Mona Baroudi, Public Relations Specialist
John Hill, Public Relations Specialist
Michael D. Lee, Consultant (area of focus: Digital Program Initiatives & CRM), they/them

ODC Health |
Rachel Abair, M.S.,  Health Initiatives Program Director, she/her/hers

ODC Health Consultants/Contractors:
Charles Roy, Consultant (area of focus: ODC fit)

Healthy Dancers Clinic |
Celina De Borja, MD - Medical Director
Richard Couglin, MD - Director Emeritus

Production |
Jack Beuttler, Director of Production, he/his
Thomas Bowersox, Associate Director of Production, he/him/his
Chris Chamberlin-Miner, Production Coordinator, he/him
David Robertson, Lighting Director
Kyo Yohena, Wardrobe Coordinator

School |
Kimi Okada, School Director & Associate Choreographer, she/her
Carlos Venturo, Director of School Programming
Molly Matutat, School Operations Manager, she/her/hers
Natalie Gutierrez, School Administrative Associate, she/her
Lucienne Alicea, Youth & Teen Program Associate, she/her
Lindsay Leonard, Youth & Teen Program Associate

Theater |
Chloë Zimberg, Creative Director, she/her
Brian Williamson, Theater Program Associate, he/him
Sima Belmar, Producer & Host of Dance Cast, she/her
Charles Slender-White, Resident Strategist for Creative Partnerships and Curation, he/him

Rhythm & Motion Staff |
Dudley Flores, Director, he/him/his
Maggie Connard, Program Associate, she/her/hers
Janet Roitz, Program Administrator

Box Office |

Studio Rentals |