Island City Waterways: Uprooted

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Island City Waterways: Uprooted
May 21 - 22, 2022 | Performances at 10 am, 11:45am, 1:30pm, and 3:15pm 
Alameda Point's, West Mall


Island City Waterways: Uprooted is the 3rd in a series of site-specific performances of dance, theater and music, that celebrate the history of Alameda’s unique waterfront. Uprooted will tell the story of Alameda Point, from the rise of civilian flight, to a Naval Air Station (NAS) that staged four wars, to land being repurposed to fill the promise of a community’s future.

A cast of 35 actors, dancers, and musicians including 13th FloorODC/DanceAkira Tana Trio, and Maze Daiko, will lead audiences on an easy stroll around Alameda Point’s, West Mall Square for a 75-minute immersive performance that will take them on a journey from the wings of peace to the wings of war and from boot camp to WWII internment camp. The Island City Waterways: Uprooted program includes never before seen works co-choreographed by Kimi Okada and Brenda Way.

For its contribution to the program, ODC/Dance has drawn upon a collection of letters belonging to ODC Associate Choreographer Kimi Okada. In 1942, following Executive Order 9066 ordering Japanese Americans and their families to be incarcerated as an act of national security, Okada’s parents were sent to Camp Walerga, a holding camp outside of Sacramento, before being relocated to Tule Lake in the eastern Sierras. They had been married only two weeks at the time of the order. 

While in confinement, Okada’s mother, May, saved onionskin carbon copies of every letter she wrote, and her detailed observations and descriptions of daily life offer a window into an infamous time in history. “My mother’s letters from camp express a dry wit and appreciation for life that reveals an ability to endure the indignities of the internment camps both physically and spiritually,” said Okada. “Her letters surface the timely issue of how we cope with the injustices of racism and the confines of imprisonment. While the piece explores the question of how one responds to a national betrayal, it is ultimately about the power of community that allows each person to find a path to resilience.” 

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